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Automower® Fence Door

Automower® Fence Door

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The Automower® Fence Door allows your robotic lawn mower to pass through the fence from one area to the next without manual assistance. The door unlocks automatically when your robotic mower approaches, and locks again after passing through. The door is low maintenance, durable and weather-proof. Powered by standard D cell batteries that are easy to replace.

Compatible with Automower®: 415X, 430X/H, 450X/H, 520/H

This product requires the installation of a transmitter in your mower, which your local service dealer must perform.
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Automatic Locking Mechanism
Automatically unlocks when your mower approaches and relocks once the mower has passed through.

Integrated Bumper Rollers
Bumper rollers glide smoothly over the mower to reduce wear.

Durable and Weatherproof Design
Built to last with a thick, powder-coated steel frame with UV stability to reduce color fading.

Dimensions 45 × 24 × 5 in

What's Included

Includes Door, and Unlocking Transmitter that is installed in the Robot by a Dealer.