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Kress KR174

Kress KR174

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Instructed by the Kress RTKn network, it navigates your lawn with centimeter-level accuracy. No need for boundary wire or fixed reference antenna to be installed on the lawn. The dead reckoning algorithm ensures accuracy where lines of sight to the satellites are blocked by trees and buildings. Operated by the MAP™ (Mowing Action Plan) technology, it efficiently manicures lawns up to 1.75 acre.

  • Satellite-guided — no perimeter wire installation
  • Centimeter-level accuracy without the need for a fixed antenna in the lawn
  • Systematic coverage in parallel lines for maximum mowing efficiency
  • Satellite-precise multi-zone management
  • Patented obstacle avoidance system
  • Follows the shortest possible route to and from the charging station
  • Auto-leveling blade system adapts to terrain unevenness
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Centimeter-level positioning accuracy
Kress’s proprietary RTKn network delivers correction data to each robot mower without the need of any GNSS receiver antenna in the lawn.

Dead reckoning navigation
When lines of sight to the satellites are blocked by trees and buildings, accuracy is ensured by Kress’s proprietary algorithm that processes the mower’s inertial and odometry data.

Unique MAP™ (Mowing Action Plan) technology
MAP™ technology automatically determines the most efficient path


Working Acreage: 1.25

Working Slope (Deg): 21

Cutting Width (in):7.9

Minimum Cutting Height (in):

Maximum Cutting Height (in):

Application: Commercial

What's Included

Kress Mission KR174, Screws for fixing disc (3) Screws for fixing blades (18) Charging base (1) Charging base fixing nails (6) Hex keys (1) Wrench for RTK antenna (1) Magnetic strip (1) Spare blades (18) RTK antenna (1) Pegs (16) Hexagon screwdriver (1) Measurement gauge (1) Battery pack (1) Charger (1) Charging pile (1) Power adapter (1)

Manufacture Info

Product Warranty (Years): 3