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LUBA 2 AWD 3000H: Up to 0.75 Acres, 2.4-4in Cutting Height

LUBA 2 AWD 3000H: Up to 0.75 Acres, 2.4-4in Cutting Height

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Equipped with state-of-the-art vision-guided technology, LUBA 2 navigates your yard with unparalleled accuracy, effortlessly avoiding obstacles through triple redundancy (bionic 3D vision, ultrasonic radars, and physical bumpers) ensuring a flawless cut every time. The integrated cameras provide a bird's-eye view, allowing LUBA 2 to map your lawn in real-time, adapting its mowing strategy for optimal coverage.

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The LUBA 2 AWD series by Mammotion offers high-performance robotic lawnmowers with NEW vision avoidance, 4G capabilities, and high cut models. The mower features advanced all-wheel drive for traction, precision cutting, smart navigation, customizable settings, weather durability, efficient battery management, and robust safety features. Ideal for homeowners, these mowers provide convenient and reliable lawn maintenance.


Working Acreage: 0.75

Working Slope (Deg): 38

Cutting Width (in):15.7

Minimum Cutting Height (in): 2.2

Maximum Cutting Height (in): 4.0

Application: Residential

What's Included

Quick Start Guide, LUBA 2 AWD, Power Supply, Extra One Set of Blade, Security Key, Installation Kits, Charging Station, RTK Reference Station, RTK Extension Cable (10m), RTK Power Supply, RTK Ground Mount

Manufacture Info

Product Warranty (Years): 2